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Life-Changing Wellness Visits

When companies who contract through Medicare Advantage Plans need a local provider for wellness visits and chronic disease management, they turn to Dr. Angie NP 4 U, PLLC. in Lakeland, Florida.

Dr. Crozier has extensive experience in primary care and providing treatment for chronic issues like diabetes and high blood pressure and also provides home care. As an independent contractor, she can provide these wellness checkups that Medicare values. Contact her today to discuss her medical services and how they can reduce hospital visits for your employees.

A Passion for Personalized Care

Dr. Crozier knew from an early age that she wanted to become a nurse practitioner, and her background and education make her uniquely suited for this role. Through her years of experience, Dr. Crozier has developed the skills needed to identify potential health issues that others may not pick up on right away. Her assessment and diagnostic skills are second to none, and that can make a difference when it comes to caring for the people of our area.

In-Home Chronic Disease Management

Many of the chronic diseases we face can be treated effectively without constant visits to a hospital. As a nurse practitioner, Dr. Crozier has the resources needed to care for her patients with in-home wellness visits. This also includes temporary care and hospice home visits when needed.

Answers When You Need Them

Companies of all sizes can reduce their health care costs through the work of Dr. Crozier. Even for those with the most difficult conditions, Dr. Crozier can secure a solution through technology and research including apps on her smartphone.